Author: George Ohara

Tricks That Have Been Designed To Beat Casinos

Why would someone participate in a game with less chance of success? I really don’t know, but since there is nothing written about tastes, here are some strategies or tricks that have been designed to beat sgd live casino.

The James Bond Strategy

Although it comes from fiction since it was devised by the writer of this series of novels, Ian Flemming, it usually appears in books as a column bet or multiple bet since it yields different results and various types of actions.

It requires high initial capital, say 200 euros, and then I leave you an example so that you can understand it more easily.

  • 140 euros are bet on high numbers (between 19 and 36).
  • 50 euros are bet on the street of six numbers between 13 and 18.
  • Ten euros are bet on zero.

According to the followers of this “trick,” there is only a 32 percent chance of losing. Let’s see why.

  • If the ball falls between 1 and 12, we will lose 200 euros, which would be the worst result.
  • If the ball falls between 13 and 18, we will win 100 euros.
  • If the ball falls between 19 and 36, the profit would be 80 euros.
  • If it falls to number 0, you would win 160.

Simple, right? However, while covering more than half the table with betting may seem like a smart move, remember that the odds are always in the casino’s favor.

The Martingale Strategy

This strategy had its place of origin and popularity in 17th century France. It is quite simple since it is based on the player doubling his bet after each loss, generating that with the first victory, all previous losses are recovered in addition to obtaining a benefit equivalent to the original bet.

As for percentages, it is the closest to 50 percent efficiency, but it does not reach that figure because, as we have mentioned in previous installments, zero plays in the house’s favor.

Let us exemplify it for your better understanding.

  • Two euros are bet on black; It comes out red for what is lost, and four euros are bet on black.
  • It comes out red again, so following the logic of this strategy, eight are bet on black.
  • The red comes out again, so we bet sixteen on black.
  • This time the black comes out, so we charged 32, and we had lost a total of 30 (2 + 4 + 8 + 16)

As you can see, the profit is 2 euros, the same that you would have obtained if you had blacked out in the first place (when you had bet 2).

Although on paper, this trick seems very effective, there are two factors that make this strategy overland. You must have a large amount of money to play it since the repetition sequence of the same color can be long (times, where it has been colored 20 times in a row, have been reported).

On the other hand, online casinos often limit betting when using this strategy, so it cannot be carried out even in free online roulette. Suppose the betting cap for a table color was 32 in our example, and black had not come out. It would be a disaster!

The D´Alembert Strategy

Thus we enter the arithmetic betting plan as opposed to those previously described that is based on the geometric plane. The strategy is based on increasing our bet by one unit in the event of a negative result and decreasing when the result is as expected.

The idea behind all this is simple: at the same number of gains and losses, your result will be positive, and at that moment is when you must leave the table.

Is it difficult for you? Perhaps an example will shed a little light.

We bet 10 euros in red.

  • If we lose, we increase one unit (we bet 11 euros)
  • We lose again and increase another unit again (bet of 12 euros)
  • We win, so we bet one unit less (11 euros).
  • Again our color comes out, and we leave the table.

We fold because we have won the same number of times as we have lost. Looking at the results in light of the arithmetic, we check the following: 12 + 11-11-10 = 2 euros profit.

The Basic Strategy of Blackjack

Among lotto Malaysia casino table games, Blackjack is one of the main options that casino players opt for. And also, unlike many other games, there is a strategy in which the house edge is reduced to a minimum. We are talking about Basic Strategy; that is to say, the set of actions to be carried out according to the letters that the dealer teaches and those that we have. These decisions are pre-calculated based on variables such as the number of decks in the deck or can even be adapted to the card count.

In any case, to win blackjack, there is only one option to do it in a sustained way over time: trust Basic Strategy math and take advantage of a good streak.

The Dice: rejecting the most disadvantaged side bets

In a few games like craps, there is such a wealth of betting, and it is precisely this great offer that clouds us and makes us trust the “good heart” of the casino. Obviously, the more bets and more attractive, the more chances that the casino advantage will multiply. In dice games, far beyond knowing how to roll the dice or control our bets, victory is much more related to being cold-minded and avoiding complex money-making games.

We remind you that four dealers or dealers are usually needed at the craps table, and although they are usually action-packed tables, we are facing a game that, on average, has a disadvantage of close to 6% but that, unfortunately, has secondary bets with disadvantages of close to 16%.

Other Casino Games

Although the review of casino games that we have given is already quite complete, we must remember that we have tried in our blog several additional games that, although not practiced in casinos are part of the tradition of gambling.

In this shortlist of online casino games, we will focus on:

  1. a) Caribbean poker: in this kind of game where it is offered -as in Blackjack- insurance or the possibility of covering a bet, we must renounce these secondary bets on all occasions. And it is that in them the advantage of the casino is a reality.
  2. b) Three Poker: in any form of poker similar to the Caribbean, such as Three Card Poker, whether we are playing it in a real casino or an online one or in the mobile casino of any gaming app; We will also be obliged to minimize extra insurance bets, and we will only have to make simple bets.
  3. c) The games of the family of baccarat, mini-baccarat, or Chemin de Fer: in all these cases, the key to success is to bet only on the two great possible events, avoiding committing large amounts of money in bets on the tie. As with roulette, these games have very high payouts, but they are not recommended, being more appropriate to bet on a bank or player.
  4. d) Social games: there are a large number of games of chance that use cards, but they are not offered in face-to-face casinos but are games in which the skill component is present, and with the knowledge of some basic rules, we will avoid falling into the errors that usually cost money.

What Is The Big Secret Of Winning The Lottery?

Relying on skill rather than luck, we will achieve nothing. Only the documented case of Stefan Mandel that we mentioned at the beginning of the article seems to be an example of a person who dedicated to the study has achieved good results in up to 14 different lotteries, in at least three countries, earning about $ 40 million, so If anyone wants to know how to win the lottery, we have to ask Stefan Mandel that.

But, like any good fan of casino games where chance is key and where we seek to minimize the advantage with which the bank or the house usually starts, the knowledge of mathematics, properly applied, can guarantee a correct approach to the game we want—, from table game slot online Malaysia to any of the types of roulette.

Despite the fact that cases like Mandel’s show that you can win the lottery many times, large agencies and legal corporations became suspicious of his movements and intuited that there was more than just luck. They implemented a series of norms and rules, among which they reduced the maximum amount of tickets that a person could acquire, and some games changed the way in which one could win to increase their difficulty, making this “magic formula” impossible to use today.

And it is that the successful system of this lottery player was based on using a mathematical formula that gave data on the five numbers with more possibilities of leaving a series of lottery numbers ranging from one to forty. Another aspect that prevents winning by playing the lottery is the enormous fiscal pressure with which the activity of lotteries in all countries is recorded.

Issues to consider when playing the lottery

In order to be familiar with the lottery game and reach decisions related to whether or not to play the lottery, we must take into account concepts such as the national lottery price and the price of tickets for other local lotteries; likewise, the percentage of the collection that goes to prizes, or if a specific amount is reserved for the maximum winning combination.

In any case, emotion is also a word closely related to the lottery game. Waiting for the result of the draw or seeing it directly on television is an experience that, in a certain sense is similar to when we play live roulette and see how the numbers pass so that finally one of them is chosen by the whimsical destiny that marks the fall of the ball.


Tricks For American Roulette

We have seen in previous installments that American and European roulette may seem the same, but they are not. In fact, they are extremely different, and this is a fact that you must take into account when choosing what type of game to participate in joker96.

Although there is a single cylinder, a dealer, and the objective is to guess the number of chance, you will have a greater chance of success in European roulette, simply because the house has a less mathematical probability of success, making it one of the games of chance.

This is because the aforementioned style of roulette has only one zero, giving the Casino less chance of profit, as opposed to American roulette, which by having a double zero, adds one more possible result and, therefore, a greater margin.

Only one more number, but the advantage changes significantly

The house edge is said to be limited to zero since it does not belong to any of the so-called “simple” bets, that is, with a 50 percent probability of success. This is how roulette works with the laws of statistics, but things get complicated when there are two zeros. And he does it in favor of the house.

Neither slow nor have lazy, American casinos, looking for more profitability, added the mentioned double zero to increase their advantage. That “innocent” number changes things radically, as can be seen below.

  • Advantage of the house in European roulette (1 in 37), which is equivalent to 2.70%.
  • Advantage of the house in American roulette (2 in 38), which is equivalent to 5.26%.

In turn, and as there is one more number in the cylinder, the arrangement of the numbers on the cloth also changes. This fact makes those who are used to the European and want to play a sector, must learn the new order of the numbers.

Conclusions on American Roulette tricks

In this article, we have been able to verify the great differences (even if they seem minimal) between American roulette and European roulette. That famous double zero generates profits for the house of almost double.

Although roulette is a game of chance, where only the goddess of fortune is in charge of separating winners from losers, many mathematicians and players claim to have the tricks to beat it although the best advice is that you play roulette for free in online casinos that like 888 have the option to do it for play money or in the “In Practice” option (see the image below where you can select these free tables).

First things: responsible gaming

And after all, that said, remember. When you participate in any type of roulette, be it American or European, do it responsibly. Don’t bet more than you can, and don’t let a playful experience become something else. All casinos have responsible gambling policies, and if you feel like gambling is beyond logic, it may be time to stop playing for a while.