The Basic Strategy of Blackjack

Among lotto Malaysia casino table games, Blackjack is one of the main options that casino players opt for. And also, unlike many other games, there is a strategy in which the house edge is reduced to a minimum. We are talking about Basic Strategy; that is to say, the set of actions to be carried out according to the letters that the dealer teaches and those that we have. These decisions are pre-calculated based on variables such as the number of decks in the deck or can even be adapted to the card count.

In any case, to win blackjack, there is only one option to do it in a sustained way over time: trust Basic Strategy math and take advantage of a good streak.

The Dice: rejecting the most disadvantaged side bets

In a few games like craps, there is such a wealth of betting, and it is precisely this great offer that clouds us and makes us trust the “good heart” of the casino. Obviously, the more bets and more attractive, the more chances that the casino advantage will multiply. In dice games, far beyond knowing how to roll the dice or control our bets, victory is much more related to being cold-minded and avoiding complex money-making games.

We remind you that four dealers or dealers are usually needed at the craps table, and although they are usually action-packed tables, we are facing a game that, on average, has a disadvantage of close to 6% but that, unfortunately, has secondary bets with disadvantages of close to 16%.

Other Casino Games

Although the review of casino games that we have given is already quite complete, we must remember that we have tried in our blog several additional games that, although not practiced in casinos are part of the tradition of gambling.

In this shortlist of online casino games, we will focus on:

  1. a) Caribbean poker: in this kind of game where it is offered -as in Blackjack- insurance or the possibility of covering a bet, we must renounce these secondary bets on all occasions. And it is that in them the advantage of the casino is a reality.
  2. b) Three Poker: in any form of poker similar to the Caribbean, such as Three Card Poker, whether we are playing it in a real casino or an online one or in the mobile casino of any gaming app; We will also be obliged to minimize extra insurance bets, and we will only have to make simple bets.
  3. c) The games of the family of baccarat, mini-baccarat, or Chemin de Fer: in all these cases, the key to success is to bet only on the two great possible events, avoiding committing large amounts of money in bets on the tie. As with roulette, these games have very high payouts, but they are not recommended, being more appropriate to bet on a bank or player.
  4. d) Social games: there are a large number of games of chance that use cards, but they are not offered in face-to-face casinos but are games in which the skill component is present, and with the knowledge of some basic rules, we will avoid falling into the errors that usually cost money.

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